75 Books About Children with Disabilities

Here’s a curated list of books about children with disabilities for your classroom library.

I created a curated list of books about children with disabilities to provide inspiration for your classroom library. Some of the books focus on certain topics or disabilities, while others highlight diversity and tolerance. Starting off with the right teaching materials is something we can do to ensure we are prepared for teaching special education.

Various Children's Books about disabilities with text that says Why Kids Need Book Characters They Can Relate To

It’s important to provide students with diverse reading materials. Children want to “see themselves” in the stories they read. They need to be able to relate to the characters in order to better connect with the story. When children can personally relate to a character, it provides a sense of belonging and familiarity.

Students should have access to books that portray characters they can relate to. This applies to race, culture, sexual orientation, medical diagnoses, etc. For this reason, I keep my eye out for books that feature different types of backgrounds.

Why Kids Need Book Characters They CANNOT Relate To

While it is important for children to see book characters they can relate to, it’s also important for them to see characters that are not like them. Children should also be exposed to characters they cannot relate to.  They need to understand that not everyone is like them and that’s okay.

Building a classroom library is so much more than picking out books. It’s a hidden opportunity to celebrate differences and encourage tolerance. Click To Tweet

Various children's books with text that says 75 children's books about disabilities Books About Children with Disabilities

I broke my book recommendations into 7 groups to make the list easier to navigate. Other than being grouped into categories, they’re in no particular order. Here are the categories for my recommended books about children with disabilities:

  • Understanding Differences
  • Learning Disabilities
  • ADHD
  • Physical Disabilities
  • Social Skills
  • Behavior
  • More Children’s Books About Disabilities

There are many great reasons for being friends with those who are different us. It’s okay to be different.

Jack and George go to an inclusive summer camp and encounter new friends with a wide range of different abilities.

Roxy the Raccoon works with his friends to make the forest an inclusive place for everyone, including those with a disability.

Celebrate diversity by appreciating the variety of abilities people have.

Special People, Special Ways conveys the message that even there is something different about each of us, we have many things in common.

Leo is late in learning to read, write, draw, and speak. His mother knows her son will do all those things, and more, when he’s ready.

Ricky the rock can’t roll with his friends because he’s flat on one side.

Different types of people make our world more vibrant and wonderful.

Though she lives with the daily challenges of disability, Grace Anna is a typical kid with big dreams.

Through her kindness and devotion, Leah’s sister teaches the importance of including everyone and showing acceptance.

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