Everything You Need to Teach Online

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But don’t worry. You don’t have to go out to buy a bunch of fancy stuff to teach virtually. Whether you’re only temporarily teaching virtually during the quarantine or for a long-term gig, what you have on hand will probably do the trick. These are just some recommendations if you’re looking for ideas!

Virtual Gear for Online Teaching

To teach online like a pro, there are a couple of items to upgrade your game. Sure, you can just use your laptop camera and a lamp, but if you’re looking for better options, I hunted down some deals for you.

Home Office Gear for Online Teaching

If you have a home office, chances are you have everything you need to work from home. But if you want to jazz up your space, here are some cute ideas to create an office you’ll love to teach in.

Virtual Classroom

You won’t have students in your virtual classroom, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a fun space to teach from! Here are some recommendations to create a cute and functional virtual classroom.

Super Helpful Websites and Online Resources

Once you see this list, you’ll wonder how you survived without these resources. I made a list of popular websites to make teaching online a breeze. There’s a helpful video to help you get started too.

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