Grade Calculator for Teachers

Need a teacher-grade calculator to score those tests in a pinch? Use this test grade calculator and class average calculator for test scores on the go. Just quick and simple grade calculators for teachers. Bookmark this handy teacher tool to grade papers quickly.

In the past, math teachers claimed that we had to learn algebra because we wouldn’t be able to carry calculators around in our back pockets. Remember that? Now you’d need to search hard to find an adult without a smartphone with those calculating abilities. Ha! Take that, middle school algebra teachers.

But wait, now we’re the teachers.

We have a ton of assignments to grade. It’s not that we don’t know how to find the grade percentage. We just need something to make it a little quicker.

Maybe you have one of those EZ Grader thing-a-ma-jigs. Or maybe you use a fancy calculator and score your tests manually. If you’re looking for something to make your life just a little bit easier, might I suggest my interactive teacher grade calculator.

No math. And no downloads. No thing-a-ma-jigs. I don’t even need your email address. Just a free teacher resource to help you out. You can subscribe to my newsletter for more freebies and resources, but really, you don’t even have to do that.

Bookmark Now, Save It for Later.

For easy access, bookmark the Teacher Grade Calculator page to keep it handy for future reference. Basically, it has the same calculators you see here on this page, but without all my rambling. It’s literally just the online grading calculators for teachers and nothing else for the quickest access possible. You don’t even have to scroll on that page.

Actually, I have two online grade calculators for teachers. One is for scoring test grades for individual student work. The other is for scoring the class average.

Test Grade Calculator for Teachers:

This teacher grade calculator lets you enter the number of items on the assignment and how many the student got right or wrong. So if your test has 23 questions and a student got 3 wrong, you would just enter that and -bam- instant calculation. The student earned an 86.96, which, because you are a decent person, you would round up to 87%. Not bad!

Class Average Calculator for Teachers:

Okay, now let’s see how the class did as a whole. I like to reflect on how the whole class did so I can reflect on the assessment and see if I need to go back and review any topics. Just enter the individual grades to calculate the class grade average.

We all know how to calculate our grades. We just want to do it more quickly. So, here’s a little tool to making teachers’ lives just that much easier. Share it with your teacher friends!

Do you know any handy little online tools? At the bottom of this post, you’ll see a spot for comments. Share your most helpful teacher tools with us there so we can all help each other out. Enjoy your day!

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