Teachers Influence On Students To Embrace Mathematics And Sciences

Science is more than a school subject,” these are the words of former United States of America President, Barrack Obama.

He adds that science is a critical way to understand, explore, engage with the world and then have the capacity to change the world.

Both Science and Mathematics are key subjects that have seen advancements made in the through research in various fields in the universe of knowledge.

They have provided various pathways that have led to change in ways of conducting our daily activities as well they have transformed our lives to the better.


Science entails different fields ranging from physical to biological and so many more.

All these sub branches of science are incorporated into our education system and students do learn them .Though these subjects are vital in our daily lives, our teachers who pass the knowledge to students do face quite a series of problems in undertaking their duties.

Most educators acknowledge the importance of mathematics and sciences in schools.

For Students to learn mathematics and sciences; it widely depends on their tutors having adequate and vast knowledge on the subjects.

Though these subjects are key in every aspect of life, it is worth noting that the field faces barriers towards its growth.

First, we have to shun away the stereotype that these subjects can only be handled by males.

Though males are majority in the fields, for example tutors in these fields constitute majority being male.


Recruitment Crisis


Our schools too, do not have fully prepared mathematics and science teachers.

Minority of teachers of the subjects holds proper credentials, which leaves us with so much to ponder on, for example we have to worry about the quality of education ongoing in our institutions of learning since most of the teachers are not fully qualified.

Besides that the mathematics and science classrooms are understaffed.

This is as a result of fewer graduates in these fields compared to other fields.

These setbacks to promotion of science and arithmetic can be solved through some ways.

Some of which are; retention, recruit and compensation of math and science teachers.

The shortage of teachers with proper credentials in mathematics and science maybe due to difficulty in taping them.

Most of the well trained tutors are likely to let go off their classroom duties in pursuit of different needs.

A good number would seek higher paying careers a part from teaching.

Some would quit due to satisfaction with their jobs, and then the minority would have personal reasons for quitting maybe let’s say they would want to focus on their personal lives.

The government can support the teachers of these subjects by offering financial incentives to attract more teachers into the field .Such incentives can include offering the teachers bonuses on top of their normal pay, but it would be satisfying if we could picture a case where teaching is considered to be a profession rather than being a trade .Creation of new productive ways to support science teachers would depend on understanding both current instructional practice as well as current science teaching workforce, more significantly is its ability to meet new curricula and instructional demands in science.


Teachers too can play a vital role in nurturing curiosity in students by creating positive and safe environment at school for exploration as well as discovery.

This is because students are naturally curious about the world and the surrounding.


Tutors need to acknowledge and encourage student’s interest and natural abilities in mathematics and sciences and provide assistance to the students in developing their interests further.

Observation and curiosity is paramount in learning these subjects, therefore teachers have to teach their students these skills to enable them seek their own understanding of different occurrences.

In collaboration with parents, teachers can provide easy access to science and arithmetic learning resources to students, these resources include books.

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