What Type of Special Ed Teacher Are You?

What type of special education teacher are you? Take my teacher’s personality quiz to find out! Then use this fun new teacher tool in your next lesson. Read on to see how.

Ever wonder what type of special education teacher you are? Are you hoping to become a teacher one day and want to know what kind of teacher you will be? Look no further, for you have come to the right place.

I’ve narrowed special education teachers into four types:

  1. The Pinterest Perfect Teacher
  2. The Making-It-Work- Teacher
  3. The Fun Teacher
  4. The Get-Me-Out-of-Here Teacher

teacher personality quizBe honest. What do you think your teacher personality type will be? Are you the teacher with the beautifully hand-drawn anchor charts and color-coordinated classroom? Or are you keeping your head held high, doing the best you can with what you have? Are you the teacher kids come to with their favorite jokes? Or maybe you have one foot out the door and are counting the moments until your contract is up.

Before we get to the teacher personality quiz, let me explain myself. In an effort to find some fresh new teacher tools, I stumbled upon a website that allowed me to present information in a fun new way. I started experimenting with it and decided to create a teacher personality quiz. Because why not? I think you’ll have fun with the quiz, but more importantly, I bet you can use the website with your own students. More on that below.

Teacher Personality Quiz, Fun New Teacher Tool, or Both?

To be honest, I wasn’t planning to make this quiz. I was just looking for new teacher tools to pep up my lessons. I’m an instructor in the education department at a local college and wanted to find and share some new fun tools for my classes. I’m always looking for new ways to present information and help out fellow teachers. I recently created these Grade Calculators for Teachers too. If you know of any handy teacher tools, please share them with me in the comments below!

I discovered a website called Apester where you can own create quizzes and polls. I realized that this could be a super fun way to engage students or conduct an informal assessment. The website seems to be geared towards clickbait-y type social media posts and articles, but I’m seeing the potential for some fun new lessons and interactive online activities. I think we could whip up some engaging and fun new ways to get students involved in our academic material.

Disclaimer: This isn’t an affiliate post or anything. I just thought the website looked really fun and wanted to try it. But if Apester sees this and wants to send me lots of money, I’m cool with that. Call me, Apester.

How to Use This Teacher Personality Quiz in Your Classroom

Well, not the teacher personality quiz, but rather a quiz that you create for your own students. I’m picturing informal quizzes or exit slips where students can quickly respond to questions and immediately see how their answers compare to the rest of the class. I wouldn’t use this approach for grading purposes because the results are anonymous. You wouldn’t know who answered what, but you can see how many students chose each option. This would be a great way for students to reflect on their own progress and for you to see how well the class is grasping the lesson concepts.

I know there are other programs that have similar functionalities, but I like this one because of how “cool” and relevant it is. The website looks like something students would actually look at in their free time, as opposed to looking like something their teacher made. Ahem.

There’s a “story” option too, which looks like it could be a fun alternative to PowerPoint and Google Slides. I’ll be trying that out semester with my college students this semester and I’ll let you know how it goes. If it is easy and effective, I’ll write a post about it. If I’m not a fan or it takes longer than my usual slides, I’ll post a story about it on Instagram (where you should definitely follow me). Stay tuned for that.

When I found this website, I was so inspired and stayed up way too late creating all sorts of nonsense (most of which will never be published). I feel like the special education teacher personality quiz needs to be shared with the world though. This special education teacher personality quiz is just for fun. Please don’t make any major life decisions based on the results of this quiz.

A Fun and Completely Un-Science-y Teacher Personality Quiz

Teacher Personality QuizYou know I like sharing research-based information, but today we’re having some fun instead. I created the teacher personality quiz because I thought it would be funny and relatable to other teachers. There are different types of teachers. Which kind of special education teacher are you? Are you the Pinterest Perfect Teacher with everything beautifully organized and color-coded? What about the Making-It-Work- Teacher, keeping it real and in perspective? Are you the Fun Teacher, the one kids love the most? Or would you say you’re the Get-Me-Out-Of-Here- Teacher?

If you’re looking for a super sciencey, research-based survey with valid results and citations, this isn’t it. If you want 15 seconds of entertainment with funny quiz items and results, I proudly present to you my official Special Education Teacher Personality Quiz.

Share this Special Education Teacher Personality Quiz with your teacher friends and let me know what you get in the quiz results! Try out Apester with your class and tell me how you used it in your lessons. I would love to see something like this used in an educational setting.

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What is your special education personality type

So what is your teacher personality type? Share this quiz with your teacher friends and tell me what you got in the comments below!

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